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Just in case your Monday needs a smile, here's my niece.

Date: 2017-04-18 12:01 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] cookiefleck

Date: 2017-04-18 08:51 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] febobe
*dies* ADORABLE! :D Thank you! :D

Date: 2017-04-19 09:20 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] febobe
Thank you - I am feeling much better! (I'm staying away from a lot of the offending food, and working toward getting farther away from what I'm not totally avoiding yet!)

I would WELCOME your eating out suggestions. I know how to order out (a) for just eating whatever the heck I like the idea of, and (b) what the ADA diet says is healthy - what I'm not really sure how to do is order out if I do strict vegetarian that meal, short of "garden salad, no cheese, no buttered croutons, no dressing" at most places that have salad, or "bean burrito, no cheese" at Taco Bell! I'm pretty sure there's got to be some way to do it besides that, but I don't know quite where to start. I appreciate your not trying to convert me, but I'd love your tips. :) I've been reading the Forks Over Knives plan book by Drs. Pulde and Lederman, and it's actually the friendliest guide I've read, b/c they say the only way to fail is to give up completely and stop trying, that you don't have to do the plan exactly their way...if you'd like to convert, say, Wed night suppers only for now, or Mon and Thurs lunches, or one night a week, or breakfast on Sundays, or what have you, that's all fine for now. It encourages me b/c I feel like I don't HAVE to convert when I'm not ready (which I'm not). I think I like the idea of eating some vegan meals as long as I don't have to commit to never letting another animal product pass my lips. :) And you're not asking me to do that. So yay for tips - thanks in advance, I'd love them! :D

*thankiesnugs* You really are the best. Thank you so, so much. <3

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